Watch what goes into creating a Summer Wonderland

Ah, Christmas.That magical time of year when we sing songs about
frosty snowmen and frightful weather. Only problem is, for
half of the world, those things don’t sound like Christmas at all.
So we’ve decided to balance out the festive season with
a carol that celebrates the warmer side of Christmas.

Let’s be honest, ladies and gents, who doesn’t love a good Christmas song?

From Winter Wonderland to Frosty The Snowman to Baby It’s Cold Outside – every jubilant festive song has one very specific theme: it’s pretty bloomin’ cold at this time of year.

But let’s spare a thought for those countries who will never even have a chance of enjoying a ‘White Christmas’, like New Zealand and Australia who celebrate the holiday slap bang in the middle of their summer.

And their version of summer is a lot hotter than the pitiful excuse of a summer that us Brits get, let me tell you that.

Thankfully, after years of injustice Air New Zealand and Ronan Keating have together righted this wrong, with the Irish singer recording a very special Christmas track especially for New Zealand in a new TV advert, which also features New Zealand native and actor, Julian Dennison.

Together Ronan and Julian work together to pen ‘Summer Wonderland’, a witty remake of festive fave ‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland’.

Air New Zealand’s General Manager Global Brand and Content Marketing Jodi Williams explained that she hopes the authentic NZ lyrics will resonate with locals, sharing: “The idea of sleigh bells and snow doesn’t really resonate for us in the Southern Hemisphere so we wanted to have fun with the concept of ‘carol equality’ and come up with a song we Kiwis and Aussies can relate to.

“Every year we’re inundated with Christmas carols about frightful weather and roaring fireplaces yet for our half of the world this doesn’t describe Christmas at all. With Summer Wonderland we’ve set out to balance the scales with a song that celebrates everything that makes a Kiwi Christmas special.

“It’s exciting to see millions enjoying Ronan and Julian’s comedy duo and we hope it will inspire travellers to come down and see for themselves that you don’t need winter to enjoy our wonderland.”

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